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Welcome to Nikaos Counseling Colorado!

Nikaos is Greek for Having the Victory!

You have taken a great step in looking for help for that “stuck” place you are in.  I have also had to find help for various times of being stuck.  I knew that finding someone who was not judging me or trying to “fix” me was going to be important. At Nikaos Counseling Colorado you will find a safe space to process what is causing pain or feeling "stuck" in your life.

We all want to feel capable of living our life well; championing our own cause; and guiding our own ship. You may have let your life take a downward spiral for a long time before even considering seeking help. That is a good trait!  Knowing when to find help is also a good trait!  There can be no safer place to find the help you need than in the confidential environment of a counselor’s office.  This is where you can explore your struggles, the disconnects life has sent your way, and discuss how to move on from current setbacks.  In my office we can explore together new ways of handling emotional reactivity, or behavioral patterns that get in the way of living life well and having the relationships you want and need.

My office with couch and chairs I am that counselor for you that will let you tell your story, encourage you regularly, redirect your thinking to your strengths and help you create new experiences with safe people when the time is right. Nikaos is a Greek word for Winning the Victory!  Victorious is how I see the people who courageously take the steps to change the way they been doing life!

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Valerie Senger is a Christian Counselor working at Nikaos Counseling Colorado. Helping those people with Bereavement Grief and Loss, Childhood Trauma, Family Estrangement, Divorce and Single Parenting and Christian/Spirituality Development.

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