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Forgive Someone?….. Why? ….. NO and Never! (part 1)

I recently had a client who voiced a strong repulsion for the concept of forgiveness.  The client later sent me an excellent article on how forgiveness was simply “bull shit.”  The arguments the author cited explained away several well-known motives for forgiveness; including one that originated from a famous talk show hostess.  I contemplated these arguments and […]

Christmas Holiday : A-La-Carte of Drama

The holiday season, and in particular the Christmas holiday, can be extremely stressful and even drama producing in families.  In addition to purchasing and wrapping gifts, decorating the home, coordinating schedules for traveling, and making arrangements for the visit, there is the whole family dynamic to be negotiated; sometimes before getting to your destination, but definitely as […]

Bonding with Your Child

In this age of computers and cell phone, Facebook and Instagram, and eating more fruits and vegetables, a healthy bond with your child may prove to be the best way to stimulate him or her to have success in four main areas of life: educational, financial, relational and physical health.    The basis for this remarkable […]

Personal Boundaries

  Yes, boundaries come in many varieties.  I love this picture of Wilson’s personal space boundary on Home Improvement.  He didn’t want that pesky young neighbor taking up too much of his time. We all know the “line in the sand” boundary.  Isn’t that line just begging for the other person to cross it.  This represents a […]

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