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There are many forms of trauma.  There is the trauma from war, shootings in schools, theaters, or just on the street.  There is trauma from rape, physical assault or domestic violence. Trauma is often experienced after a natural disaster.  Childhood abuse experienced through physical, emotional or sexual abuse is traumatic and usually is carried forward

Creativity in Counseling

The Use of Creativity in Counseling I attended a training earlier this month that showed how using outlets for creative responses with a client can help the client identify with greater clarity their struggle. I was surprised how a 5 minute drawing helped me identify strengths I had hidden inside of me. It was a

Colorado Crisis Services

I attended an informational meeting with other mental health professional on Thursday this week. The presenter was MaryHoefler, MS, LCSW was about the roll out of a new statewide system for addressing mental/behavioral health issues that are of the urgent nature where the usual action is to dial #911.  Colorado has received $25.5 million dollars through SB266 to


Hope is a very important topic in counseling.  A person must have “hope” in order to make changes in themselves or change their circumstances.  A person needs hope for a positive future or they will stagnate in making the decisions necessary for that positive future. Often times people feel hopeless because of messages they received about themselves from an earlier time