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Christian Counseling and other Faith Based Practices

Christian Counseling and Faith Based

I see people from many faith practices struggling with a “disconnect” from their God or Higher Power. This world is changing and sometimes our faith orientation takes a while to catch-up.   There are many reasons for this disconnect. 

  • Many feel they are no longer understood by the ministers or the community.
  • Many feel their prayers have not been answered in a long time.
  • Often they are experiencing and feeling a major shift in how they were taught the world works.
  • Faith believers need and want help to navigate that shift without losing their spiritual foundation.
  • Counseling, outside the church, can be frightening because what they have heard that the counseling profession rejects faith practices.

I understand those struggles.  I want to be that link back to your faith and faith community as we work on the presenting issues. man walking by the light of a street light or the moon.I consider myself a Christian Counselor that uses faith as much or little as the people I work with want me to.  I consider myself a Spiritual Director in a sense that finding God can be a life work for all of us.  Direction for the path, through the dark nights of the soul are essential.

My Christian Education and Christian Counseling

As you can see from my About Me page, I received my undergraduate degree from Colorado Christian University in 1996.  Then in 2012, I received a Master’s of Arts degree in Counseling from Denver Seminary.  Denver Seminary logoThe counseling program has national accreditation from CACREP who also accredits the programs as most major universities.

I came to salvation by faith in the work of Jesus Christ as a young adult.  I stand on His promise to always be with me and that His plan for me is being fulfilled.  I, however, see that plan being fulfilled in a different way than I originally thought it “should” be! It has been an interesting and even exciting journey.  My hope has been in my faith and belief in God for over 40 years.  I use the Bible and faith in an all-powerful and all-knowing God as much or as little as you want me to.  Also see my blog about Authenticity!

Why I use the Bible as well as Other Sources for Faith Counseling

There is also a wealth of information in Biblical and in non-Biblical sources.  Using resources that provide insight into how the brain works with our bodies to create a sense of peace have been helpful to my work with people.  I also use resources to understand how relationships work best, and how people use past experiences to process and interpret current and future events.  The Bible contains elaborate stories and instruction about how God relates to mankind, and how mankind relates to God.  I especially like the stories on how mankind relates to one another.  Those stories help normalize the experiences of the people I work with. 

Life is Like Baking a Cake

a two layer round cake getting frosting put on the top.For me, combining these two types of resources is like making a cake.  We use a recipe book with our God given strength and creativity as well as financial resources to purchase ingredients and an oven.  The end result is a scrumptious cake!  So, what can be better than combining faith with scientifically proven ways of working with people.  In this way I see people heal from a less than nurturing childhood and understand their varied life experiences!

I am sensitive to those with other faith beliefs as well.

atm machine

Regularly, I make suggestions to incorporate a person’s faith into mindfulness and meditation, prayer, forgiveness and thankfulness practices.  A pastor once told me that there is a limit to how much our personal ATM can put out before it needs some deposits made into it.  I help people find love for self before practicing selfless love toward others.  The Bible tells us that the greatest commands are to love God and then love others AS we love ourselves.  We cannot love others if our tank is empty for loving ourselves or God.

I would like to help you with your journey to healing and being the best of who God made you to be. You can use the form on the right hand column to set up your appointment today or call me at 720-982-7057.