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Hope is a very important topic in counseling.  A person must have “hope” in order to make changes in themselves or change their circumstances.  A person needs hope for a positive future or they will stagnate in making the decisions necessary for that positive future. Often times people feel hopeless because of messages they received about themselves from an earlier time in their life. If you are feeling hopeless; take a deep breath.

You have come to this site because you have at least a little hope,and with that I can help you gain a greater sense of control over your life and obtain greater hope.

If you think of your life as a collage rather than a straight line of progress, then you can provide yourself a lot of safe space for where you are right now.  Everyone’s life collage will show periods of time where events happen simultaneously or at least very close to one another.  A life collage will also show periods of time where there are gaps as if nothing of note has taken place in your life.

When climbing mountain paths, the climb can be so difficult that you will only be able to appreciate where you are and what you’ve done by looking back. If that is your case, and you would like someone to help you look back with confidence and appreciation, give me a call as I would like to help you. Till then, continue to hope and never give up on yourself!



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