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Depression often is Incapacitating!

Depression can and often does effect many areas of a person’s life.  It makes reaching out for relationship with others nearly impossible.  It effects work performance and attendance or timeliness.  It often changes the way we view the things around us that used to bring enjoyment which can be touch from others, our hobby or the food we used to enjoy. If depression lasts for over two weeks it is advised to seek some help either from a doctor or a counselor.

I always recommend counseling and if necessary using medication also so that you can maintain the best possible livelihood while you are working through depression issues. Although medication can help depression symptoms, I always consider that there probably is an emotional reason behind why someone becomes depressed.

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How I help people with depression really depends on how the depression is being experienced.  If an individual needs help with basis living routines in order to get their life back to some sort of normalcy, than that would be the goal.  It can be very important to a depressed person to get their life routines going in a healthy directions.  I’m referring to the routines of eating right, having good sleep hygiene and exercising regularly to name a few.

If grief is the reason for the depression, as it often is, then talking to a person who has experiences like yours and understands the complexity of the losses we have in this life, and is there to listen and support is important.

Whether it is a loss of physical health, loss of relationships, loss of employment or any of a number of other reasons, your depression can be helped by counseling and I am hear to help you.

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