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The Law of Attraction

There is truth in the principle of the “Law-of-Attraction” that we should apply to our lives.  If you focus your attention, thoughts and speech on the negative things that we all have in our lives, you will most likely receive more negative. In contrast if you focus your attention, thoughts and speech on the positive things in your life, you will most likely receive or attract more of the positive affirmations that life offers. Your body hears and responds to what you think and say about yourself. Certainly the major religions of the world agree that there is great power in the tongue, (a metaphor for the words we speak). Power to offer a blessings or a curse to others.  To love others, as you love yourself, would bring the full circle of speaking a blessing for yourself first in order to be able to bless others. So the Law-of-Attraction is not a new idea or ultimate belief system.

But this “Law” also begs the question, “Is this life all about our own prosperity in finances, health or relationships or is it about the character traits of compassion, contentment, frugality for the sake of giving to others, honesty, justice for the oppressed, and giving just to give rather than to receive?”  Here again, I believe that all the major religions of the world would agree with the later rather than the former list. These major religions all would list “inner peace” as the result of deferring to the second list, and really isn’t that what seeking prosperity in finances, health or relationships is attempting to accomplish.  So, two routes with one goal.

However, the seeming simplicity of the Law-of-Attraction and the proponents that are so adamant of its success make me a bit sad because I love to work with the population who either could say, “Been there, done that, got the pin,” or “The voices in my head keep drowning out the positives I say to myself.”  They are the ones who have experienced significant and unresolved trauma in their lives, or who have struggled with mental illness for an extended period.  Typically, instead of having a locus-of-control being within themselves, they experience their “circumstances” in this world as making it an unsafe place and thus having a significant amount of control over their life, happiness and success. Their locus-of-control is outside of themselves. Unfortunately, we all come into contact with more of these survivors than most of us would realize.

Empowering statements are what we all need to say and have said to us.  Some of us more than others. My passion is to counsel and advocate for the survivors that will need a lot more than just empowering statements said from their own lips, or from others to overcome the trauma they have experienced.  If you know someone who needs this kind of help, I am taking clients now:  More importantly, if there is a survivor you know and would like to help, within a safe personal boundary, and in the spirit of Buddha, Christ and Mohammad, meet them eye-to-eye and speak a blessing (and not a correction) over their day.  A time limited blessing will help them to focus on the present rather than the past.

May abundant blessing be yours today,


first published on LinkedIn

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